Eclipse Scents to Make YOU Happy!

Long time Michelle Phan fan here,  and today she posted an article titled, ‘Five Scents Guaranteed to Make You Happy.’ shared by Bella Sugar. 

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Jasmine – Rose – Lemon Oil – Licorice – Lavender

Want to learn what they had to say about these scents?  Read Michelle’s post HERE :)

Need some happiness and want to grab the best?  Eclipse Candle Company offer the most realistic scents and flavors.  They also stay true to being toxic free in all of their products.  Did you know that the average candle on the market is a hazard to your health and home – but that’s another story 😉

Happiness is the goal of the moment, so try these from Eclipse:

Summer Roses – This stunning fragrance smells exactly like a bouquet of fresh roses.  Delicately and lovely, the accuracy will amaze and delight.

Lemon Pound Cake – This realistic and delicious fragrance has sweet creamy bakery scents complimented by just the right amount of fresh tart lemon.

Lavender Fields Forever -The peaceful and relaxing aroma of fragrant fields of lavender as far as the eye can see.

These fragrances in Memory Melts by Eclipse Candle Company are 20% off  for the month of March!  Get yours now at > Products > Shop.  Your orders will soon be with you in no time! Total pure enjoyment and 100% money-back guarantee – and you may just find yourself happy as Michelle Phan guaranteed too!  Thanks Michelle!  =)